Ta brskalnik ni podprt, zato nekatere funkcije ne bodo delovale.



Clear / Cloudy

Bright (full of light, sun shining strongly)

Sunny (no clouds, sun shining)

Clear (without clouds)

Fine (not raining, clear sky)

Partially cloudy (mixture of blue sky and clouds)

Cloudy (many clouds in the sky)

Overcast (covered with clouds, dull)

Gloomy (dark clouds, dull light - depressing weather)

Fog (thick cloud close to land)

Mist (light fog, often on the sea or caused by drizzle)

Haze (light mist, usually caused by heat)

Types of rain

Damp (slightly wet, often after the rain has stopped)

Drizzle (rain lightly with fine drops)

Shower (a short period of rain)

Downpour (heavy rain)

Pour (to have heavy rain)

Raining cats and dogs (to rain heavily)

Torrential rain (very heavy rain)

Flood (become covered in water usually due to heavy rain)

Cold stuff

Hail (when frozen rain falls as small balls of ice)

Hailstones (small hard balls of ice that fall from the sky)

Snow (frozen rain that falls from the sky as snowflakes)

Snowflake (individual piece of snow)

Sleet (snow or hail mixed with rain)

Blizzard (severe snowstorm with heavy winds)

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